N.R.P.   is working with our people  to help bring unity to our folk. Unity is the only means through which we can save and preserve our folk and our culture. 

 Don't be a part of the problem be the solution! Join NATIONALIST  RIGHTS  PARTY because you care!  Heil Victory!!!


Coming Together


Current Events


We would like to congratulate Mr Art Jones for a great race. He got almost 80 thousand votes from his District in Chicago.

Please be patient with us . We are having problems with our internet service and we can't update our web site. So keep coming back and checking with us. Thank you . Heil Victory 14/88

WE BELIEVE the Bible is the true Word of God (Yahweh) written for and about a specific people. The Bible is the family history of the White Race, the children of Yahweh placed on earth through the seed line of Adam. Genesis 5:1

The White race is the Israel of God, and God

has declared that He is going to pour out his

spirit upon your race, to provide needed

guidance for the other races. He is going to

raise up a resistance against the powers of

darkness, and we are going to destroy the

  powers of Lucifer and world communism

from off the face of the earth - as long as

we do not integrate.


​           IN LOVING MEMORY


​  October 19, 1955 - April 2, 2018

Lord please watch over Mr Robert Bower . He is a real warrior for his Folk and Country. Hail Victory Brother !


Our Mission