The Story of Gordon Kahl
Gordon Kahl was born January 8, 1920, and he was the oldest of five children. Around 1968, he joined the Christian Constitutional Party, which was led by Dr. Clarence Martin. In 1968, Gordon Kahl sent a letter to the IRS informing them that he would no longer pay taxes. In approximately 1975, he joined the Posse Comitatus in Texas and became the state coordinator. According to FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) the Feds started investigating Gordon in 1975, and in 1976 he went on public television speaking about how paying taxes is illegal. It was then that Gordon Kahl formed his own church. The IRS indicted Gordon Kahl for Failure to file for 1973 for $9,719.90 & 1974 for $11,950.38. He went to trial and was found guilty in 1977. He appealed but lost appeal and spent 9 months in prison and was put on 5 year probation. He then violated his probation by not filing his taxes in 1980 and he didn’t answer the summons to appear in court. November 1980, the IRS files a LIEN on the 80 acres of property that Gordon Kahl had. Herman Widicker tries to pay it off, but the IRS will not give him the total amount that Kahl supposedly owed.

Gordon Kahl timeline

In 1983, The US Marshalls tried to arrest Gordon Kahl in North Dakota for a violation of his parole. A shoot-out occurred and two US Marshalls, U.S. Marshal Kenneth Muir and Deputy Marshal Bob Cheshire were killed. Kahl then fled to Arkansas and hid out in Smithville, Arkansas. Then a shoot-out between Kahl and deputies occurred. During this shoot-out, Kahl and Sheriff Gene Matthews died. But the Feds felt it necessary to fire thousands of bullets into the residents before setting it on fire….the general overkill of the feds.

Edwin C. Udey, Arthur H. Russell, Leonard Ginter, and Norma Ginter were indicted for harboring and concealing a fugitive, and for conspiracy to do the same. They were convicted of all the charges. The convictions were upheld on appeal. Leonard was convicted and sentenced to a federal prison, while Norma's sentence was suspended. Leonard was released in February 1987.

Leonard and Norma Ginter were each additionally charged with the capital murder of Sheriff Gene Matthews in relation to the federal harboring trial in state court. The capital murder charge was later dropped.

Kahl and Scott Faul received prison sentences on charges in connection with the Medina shootout. Joan Kahl, Gordon’s wife, was acquitted. Yorivon Kahl is imprisoned at the United States Penitentiary at Terre Haute, Indiana, and was sentenced to two life sentences plus fifteen years. Scott Faul is imprisoned at the Federal Correctional Institution at Sandstone, Minnesota, and is scheduled for release on February 14, 2023.

The documentary “Death & Taxes” is the story of Gordon Kahl.

The men who killed Gordon Kahl are murderers, plain and simple. Gordon Kahl refused to pay taxes because he figured out the Social Security program was part of the second plank of the Communist Manifesto. Additionally, that the federal reserve is also a part of the Communist Manifesto. Kahl was not liked by the government because he began educating farmers and went on television with his knowledge. It was after he was on TV in Texas that at least 200 workers quickly filed W4 exemption forms that blocked employers from withholding income taxes. Kahl didn’t even make enough money to owe taxes but yet, he was still placed on trial and prosecuted. No matter what, Kahl continued educating farmers and American citizens about how why things were happening, such as the farmers losing the farms that had been in their families for generations. He kept having township meetings to educate people about the Communist Manifesto and how the American government was using this. Kahl was murdered simply because the American government did not like what he was doing…waking up American citizens to what truly was and is happening.

When Gordon Kahl was murdered, they simply didn’t just shoot him. After he was shot in the head, they continued to beat him with the butt of their rifles and dismembered him. This event also set the stage for Ruby Ridge.If you believe our government is fair and is not corrupt, the case of Gordon Kahl shows just how corrupt and evil our government truly is. All this over taxation, when there are much more severe cases out there, even in the 80’s. It wasn’t about the taxes or money to the government…it was about Kahl waking people up to what was and is truly happening within our government