​​​​​The Order was a group of men that decided to try and stop what is happening to our country now. The were founded in the 1980's by Bob Mathews and were men from different walks of life and different organizations. The Order consisted of Bob Mathews, David Lane, Randy Duey, Richard Scutari, Frank Silva, David Tate, Bruce Pierce, Richard Kemp, and Gary Yarbrough. Bob Mathews is deceased (he was killed by the FBI on December 8th, 1984). David Lane and Bruce Pierce are also deceased. They died while incarcerated behind ZOG's prison walls, and died under unusual circumstances. The history of the Order teaches us a lot. It shows us that people from different walks of life and different organizations can come together to achieve a goal.

Bob Mathews was a member of the National Alliance but he attended meetings and services at the Aryan Nations compound in 1982 and this is where he met some of the other members. Originally, Bob Mathews and the others just set out to show people the corruption of the government and how corrupt the government is. They warned us the things that are happening today. However, when people started listening, the government did not like this. They begin to harass Bob Mathews and the others by getting them fired from their jobs, having their homes condemned, etc. It is then that Bob Mathews decided there was only one way to fight Big Brother...by war and by buying a town that would not be under government control. Additionally, Bob and the others did not like how the banks/government were taking farms away from farmers whose farms had been in families for generations. So in order to help get some of these farms back and to buy a town, the Order started doing armed robberies. They started off small but then pulled off one of the biggest armor car robberies in history. The money gained through these robberies went to help farmers to keep their farms and to help White organizations...none of it went to personal use for these men. They sort of remind me of a modern day Robin Hood! However, because of his soft heart, Robert Mathews let in a man he shouldn't have---Robert Martinez.

Martinez got caught with counterfeit money and gave information to the FBI to save his own self. This led to the first arrest of these men, which was Gary Yarbrough. Martinez was to meet Yarbrough and Mathews in Oregon at a hotel, but it was all a set up. Mathews got shot in the hand but was able to escape the FBI this time. However, Martinez told them where the hide out was at Whidbey Island. The FBI sent 150 agents to try to arrest these few men...wow, talk about overkill!!! The other free members of the Order left the hide away house because they knew what was coming and Mathews urged them to go so their plan could continue, but Mathews decided to stay there and fight the feds. The FBI burned Mathews to death in his home and eventually captured the other members.

The other members have suffered inhumane treatment behind ZOG's prison walls. Eventually, Frank Sivla was the first one released, then Randy Evans and Richard Kemp were eventually released. There were a few support members, such as Jean Craig, who also died in prison. There have been movies and books written about the Order (The Brotherhood of Murder and the Silent Brotherhood) but these are biased and do not tell the complete true story. You can watch Brotherhood of Murder here but keep in mind it is the story told by Martinez, the one who ratted them out.

​Hail the Order because without them the cause would not be what it is today! Additionally, they set the perfect example of how people can overcome differences to come together to achieve a goal.